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alterations, angela carter, anti-pornography, art and design, artemisia gentileschi, attic girls, avant-garde, betty pepper, catherine breillat, cocktails, collecting hair buttons postcards, crafty feminists, dignity, dress pillows, endless doctors appointments, fat girl, feist, feminism, femmage, fine art, floral print, frail strength, frida kahlo, gender studies, glitter girl friends, gregory and the hawk, handmade, haruki murakami, henrietta moraes, heroes and villains, heroine chic, illustration, index cards, ingmar bergman, installation art, jan svankmajer, jannis kounellis, kiki smith, kristin hersh, libraries, life before man, literature, london, mad women in fiction, maggi hambling, margaret atwood, mills and boon historicals, modesty, new old furniture, nina simone, note-taking, notebooks, obscure fashion, opheliacs, orlando, passionate natures, philosophy, pot-plants, pretty girls make graves, pro-choice, rain, reading in nightclubs, riot grrrl, sally smart, second hand, sedna myth, short stories, simmer water, spinster chic, stealing waiting room magazines, subtitles, tea; no sugar, the company of wolves, the guardian, the smiths, the-small-pretty-and-the-pleasant, throwing muses, thunderstorms, tragic female heroines, trashy bodice-ripper romances, vintage floral girl craft, virginia woolf, vita sackville-west, waiting rooms, when bulls fuck europa, wide sargasso sea, witchcraft, witches of pendle forest, women's rights, woolf art, writing, wuthering heights, zines